Are You Planning to Take the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam? Here Are the Preparation Tips

The Tableau Desktop Specialist and Certified Associate exams are certification exams that Tableau grants to get the title of Tableau Desktop Specialist or Desktop Certified Associate. They are an excellent method to display your knowledge of the features within Tableau.

Tableau’s primary reason is so popular because anyone in an organization can understand the data created in Tableau, even if they do not have technical knowledge. Undergoing a Tableau certification will help you learn the basics of operating Tableau.

The Tableau Desktop Certified Associate examination accompanied by Tableau is specially designed for those candidates who have a thoroughgoing knowledge of functionality in Tableau Desktop and at least five months of applying this knowledge in the product. It improves the candidate’s ability to work with data and data visualization techniques.

Who Should Take the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam?

This examination is fitting for professionals working as:

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Senior data analyst
  • BI developer
  • Data scientist
  • Analytics manager
  • Analytics consultant

Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam Overview

The questions are multiple-choice, multiple responses, true/false, and hands-on. The scores are made automatically; also, point value changes per question type with hands-on questions. The passing score for the examination is 75%.

This Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam is offered in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and International Spanish. The cost of the examination is USD 125.

Points to Get the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification

1. Preparation Guide

2. Solve Online Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Mock Exams

3. Take an Online Training Course

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4. Join the Tableau Community

5. During the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam

Flag questions you do not immediately know the answer to, so you can go back to them later. Search the web for correct answers only after completing all the questions, or you might spend time searching. You can practice another tool to find an answer if you cannot find it in Tableau.

Begin Your Success Journey with Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification


Tableau has different capabilities and can meet the needs of various types of organizations. Tableau professionals are in high demand because of its popularity, and taking a Tableau certification will help you get a foot in the door.

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